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Paragliding Chamonix 3

Paragliding flight

Chamonix Planpraz

  • Ideal for a first experience !

  • Launch at 2000m

  • From 5 to 95 years old

  •  Flight duration from 15 to 30 min 

  • Period: December - April, then June - September

Parapente biplace Chamonix

Paragliding flight

XXL Flight

  • Higher and further !

  • Launch at 2000m

  • Flight duration from 45min to 1 hour

  • Period: June to September, Not earlier than 12am

Parapente Chamonix 5

Paragliding flight

Plan de l'aiguille

  • Along the glaciers

  • Launch at 2200m

  • Flight duration from 20 to 30min

  • Period: April-May then September-November

Tandem parapente Chamonix

Paragliding flight

Aiguille du Midi

  • An exceptional flight in a high mountain landscape

  • Flight duration around 45 min

  • From February to June then September - October

  • Good physical condition required


About paragliding

Tandem paragliding is a wonderful invention that allows non-initiated person to experience the sensation of free flying. Paragliding is nowadays the simplest way to fly: all the equipment fits in a backpack, take-off is done by foot, and we can fly for hours if weather permits.

As soon as we are airborn, you feel the air on your face and enjoy this unique perspective.
We commonly see wildlife from above, and sometimes, eagles come to share a few turns with us, we're in their world...

For your first paragliding tandem flight, we recommend you choose Chamonix Planpraz which is suitable for most people, easy to access and flyable for most weather conditions.  The view from the take-off point is worth the trip at itself !

With children, we usualy fly early in the morning when conditions are calm. For adults, we need to know your weight and height so that we can choose the best time of day.

Paragliding jump is a term that is often heard but not quite accurate because the take-off is actualy very gradual. That's why we talk about paragliding flight and take off, as we commonly compare it to an airplane take off.
Once in the air, you will be comfortably seated and then just have to enjoy this incredible feeling and admire the scenery. Your hands are free and can even take selfies!

Paragliding can still provide strong sensations for those who want it, and we will be there to pump up the adrenaline for those who want it! You will also have the opportunity to take the controls.
You won't experience vertigo as this sensation only appears when your feet are on ground. So don't hesitate any longer and come fly with us and take a big breath of fresh air !

Paragling tandem flight Chamonix

General information


For all our paragliding flights, the meeting point is at the bottom of the ski lifts. Check where is it located depending on the chosen flight.


If you plan to stay several days, we suggest you book a slot in the beginning of your stay, so that we can postpone in case the weather is adverse.

Strong winds high up or rain generaly means it's not possible to paragliding, but we often have unexpected  good flying conditions even if the basic weather forecast is pessimistic. 

If the weather is adverse and you can't do it later, we'll refund you.


It depends on the flight and the weather. Generaly, we fly around 15/20 min as it's the ideal for most of people.

The overall activity takes one hour.


Airsports insurance and specific paragliding gear.

Extra costs:

  • Photos / video

we use HD cameras with a telescopic arm to make pics and vids featuring our passengersand the scenery in the background. The rate is 30€ including the memory card ( you receive it after the flight).

  • Lift tickets

 If you don't have a ski pass, you'll need to purchase a ticket to use the ski lifts. The pedestrian one-way pass is the most advantageous (15 to 20 € depending on the site).


In winter: dress as if you were going skiing. Wear regular shoes or snow boots as we need to run for launching. Ski boots are not suitable. Glasses or goggles improve your comfort ( not mandatory).

In summer: a windproof jacket, walking or running shoes and sunglasses ( not mandatory).


We can easily arrange a simultaneous flight till 4 person.  A prior notice should help us to organise it for larger groups.

We can also split the group as flying separetely allows you to film the first take off and then the others can film the landing.


Online through the booking process here, otherwise by cash or bank transfer: 

IBAN  FR76 1382 5002 0008 0188 8723 944

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